Monday, January 28, 2013

Bear's Bunny Valentine & another lovely day in Paris!

As this morning's snow flurries turned to rain, my thoughts turned to Paris. 

It's almost February, so time to paint If I Were A Toy store's door 
celebrating Valentine's Day 2013. 
Last year, I painted animals in Venice, which remains one of my favorites. 
Today, I decided on Paris for obvious reasons. 
It is one of the most beautiful and romantic cities on earth.

Paris has been on my mind a great deal lately because my good friends, 
Margaret and Scott, moved there this month, for the next 6-10 months. 
I hope I will have a chance to visit them this spring! 
In the meantime, I have been placing several of my 
characters in Parisian settings. 
It will have to do for the time being.

French hen, another Pinterest gem

Thanks for stopping by!
xo, A

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