Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pop, Pattern & Play!

Most of you know that I'm interested in licensing my artwork on everything from paper products and fabric to tableware, games and books! I've always enjoyed playing with pattern, but these images are my 1st attempts at repeats. I think these designs would make great tiles, fabric or napkins.

Below, I created a little birthday wrapping paper, Jumpin' for Joy!

These colorful circles are reminiscent of my Blip Blop series of paintings. Love the kaleidoscope effect.

Below, a story about Ellie Elephant, Head Pastry Chef at a very special Patisserie. Here she runs her kitchen with ease, so she thinks ;)

Bailey Bear was last seen in my painting, Animal Houses. He had lost his keys, but his pals thought he was playing hide & seek! Above, he eats his way through Italy-- Eat, Play, Sleep, he got the idea from a book he read or maybe a movie ;D

Maraca Mouse writing paper and envelope, Stationery Set pieces that include Top Dog & Flyin' baby Fox. Shake It napkin design below. 

Thanks for taking a look today. Have a relaxing weekend! xo, A

1 comment:

jane said...

Wow~ beautiful patterns and i always love your animals!!


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