Monday, January 3, 2011

More please...

 Hot Dogs

 Art Exhibits

 Underwater ballet

Wine at lunch


 Dogs in overalls

 Greek Diners

 Beautiful parks




 Movie Moguls

 Paper products, games, puzzles, books by Allyn


 Inspector Lynley Mysteries &/or Nathaniel Parker in anything


 NY Times Center interviews


 Great Design

Flowering trees




                                                                at The River Cafe


 Laughing with friends, real or imagined

 Dancing with friends

 Compassion for others


 Sunsets in Venice



 Cash                                  *photo from The Infrastructurist blog "The Rail World"

These are just some of the things I would like to enjoy in the New Year! I was pleased with my 2010 Resolutions and have decided to stick with them. Adding only, I will eat more dark leafy greens and stick to sushi lunch specials rather than the pricey dinners :'D

*Nothing like a clean slate! Happy 2011 and Cheers to a New Decade! xo, A


Margaret said...

I love it!

Claire said...

These are great!! I want some of that $$$! Found u from "A Child Grows... blog, liked ur write up about store Papel, too.

mzexter said...

is that hot dog eating a bagel?

Allyn Howard said...

it was a plastic hot dog.


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