Sunday, May 16, 2010

Meet Sunny & Chanel

Sunny and Chanel are two skunks in love. Sunny is an upbeat fellow, always up for an adventure and Chanel is a career-gal with her own line of perfume! Not what you'd expect, it's vanilla and spice, plus everything nice :)

The 64th Annual National Stationery Show began today at the Javits Center. In the spirit of all things paper, I decided to mock-up my Skunk Luv stationery set :) I love the way it turned out and look forward to adding Sunny & Chanel to more product templates. I hope they, like others I've painted, make their way into the world and outside of my studio one day!

This set comes with writing paper, 2 styles of note cards, envelopes and sticker packs :) Here some other color choices for the packaging...

If you'd like to see artwork and products I sell, just visit my website and view more templates there or on my self promotion post here from last year :)

Here are some sketches I like...

*Below is my Promotional postcard* One side for my website and one for Blipadee blog :)

I'm excited to walk the Stationery Show for research and to give my new card to any interested parties (fingers crossed :)

This year I'll be showcasing my favorite card companies/stationers on this blog and writing a column about the show for the fall issue of Stationery Trends magazine. This is a fantastic quarterly magazine for anyone in the trade or those of you who love paper products like I do!

I'm also interested in seeing the Surtex section of the show. This is where artists and agents exhibit work for licensing to manufacturers. It's great to see what others are creating and I may want to exhibit my work there at some point. Licensing is something I very much want for my designs and characters.

Hope you've enjoyed this mini post on what I've been up to most recently.
Check in next week to read about my faves from this year's National Stationery Show!

Love ya!
xo, A


jane said...

So extremely cute!!! gotta get some skunk luv, these are so fun Ally!

mzexter said...

love these and love skunks!

mika said...

Allyn, they are so cute. You are one talented artist!!

Leslie the wolf said...

I fancy yer skunks!! Skunk-a-dee-dee-dee!

sheiladaviscsw said...

Right on!! Don't forget Patty and Lucy-- they = publishing magic :'D

Allyn said...

Thanks ladies, appreciate the comments! Didn't realize there was a shared love of skunks! exception being Sheila ;)


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