Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy Birthday

Blipadee Blog is celebrating it's 1st Anniversary! I posted a simple introduction on April 20th of last year and began profiling some of my neighborhood favorites in May.

As I've mentioned before, I started Blipadee on a whim after my mom forwarded Luca Barney's blog to me. His was up & running only a few days after his birth mid April '09. I was confident that if a newborn could do it, I could ;)

Here he is, the son of my mom's lovely friend & Italian teacher, Paola. Baby blogs are a wonderful way to share photos and information with friends and family. I love the way it's written in his voice & very funny. Hope they decide to start it up again (no posts in awhile, but I keep checking :)

I greatly appreciate the generosity of the people who first let me profile their businesses. They really had nothing to go on at that point.

A big Thank You to Jessica whose store Ruby Moriarty is full of cute hand-made clothing (including my tees!) funny books, art and a relaxed fun atmosphere!

Thanks to Cozbi, whose store is pure charm & beauty! I love it all and buy when I can, beautiful clothing for women and children. She's a total inspiration, too.

Thanks to Tommy who has made Le Petit a staple of the Carroll Gardens neighborhood. He was a virtual pioneer, opening up long before others took a chance below 4th street. It's since become a destination spot with restaurants like Frankies, Buttermilk Channel and Luna Rossa, to name a few.

Of course, Blipadee is a great showcase for artwork. I enjoy posting about my experiences, whether on a scenic job or mural project. It's nice to have a place to share my designs for licensing and to show paintings in the works or on exhibit (if I'm lucky!)

If any of you are considering a blog of your own, it can be time consuming and one more thing that's in need of exposure, but I think it's a great companion to a website. It has "life" to it because it continually changes. I love reading other people's blogs and I'm still amazed at what a small world the internet has created. Last, but not least, it's very fulfilling to interview people you are curious about and who inspire you!

It's May and Mothers Day is this Sunday, so it was time to paint a new door mural for If I Were A Toy :)

Check back this weekend for my Mothers Day Post!
Grazie!! xo, Allyn


Margaret said...

Happy Birthday Blipadee! Your present is in the mail... xx Margaret

kristine said...

Blipadee rocks. It's been a fun year on here! :) Congrats.

sheiladaviscsw said...

Happy Bday Blip! Here's to many many more!!!
Cheers, S


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