Monday, March 2, 2015

paint paint paint pictures

:: Happy Monday ::

Here are some new paintings to start your day off right.

I loved painting these little abstractions with animals!

This piece, above, is a few years old. I've decided I like it again.
It's funny how you can tire of something, then look at it again in a new light.
I think because I want to maintain a painterly feel in my work, it's appeals to me.

However, I love lines, too. and animals in frames ;)

I revised this one a little. It's also a few years old. Bailey bear overindulged 
at an Italian eatery and bun would like to taste those left overs!

See more work by me at 
illustration, custom paintings, murals, product designs and process pics.

Hope you have a splendid week ahead.
xo, A


*PS - Kristine Lombardi's 1st picture book, Lovey Bunny, debuts this week! 
Perhaps I can score an interview with her this month :D

She'll be reading and signing books at Books of Wonder this Sunday
March 8th from 2-4pm
I'll be there. Maybe I'll see you!


Melissa said...

All so wonderful! Love your colors and the characters. I also love your abstract backgrounds with the animals. So cool!

Allyn Howard said...

Thank You Melissa!! You're so thoughtful to always comment :) I really appreciate it. Hope MATS B is off to a good start!


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