Saturday, March 14, 2015

My Comrades, an Exhibition and Lovey Bunny!

Shane Ingersoll, me and Michael Nirenberg (Ajamu "red cap" Kojo)  -   photo by Anne Harmon

Just another day in the studio - working the barre with my fellow scenic painters
preparing for our dance debut.

It's not as easy as we make it look ;)

Anne Harmon took the stage at Reverend Ike's United Palace
We're still doing work on The Following, filming there for a day or two.
We didn't have too much to do inside, just a little additional plug to paint, 
masking out some signs, things like that. 
I've worked there before, it's simply stunning! I wish I had pictures of the lobby.

photo by Jessie Walker, stand-by camera scenic

Here is part of the crew I've been working with since January. 
Left to right is Shane Ingersoll, Anne Harmon (behind me), Ajamu Kojo (biting my head), 
Michael Nirenberg, Dieter Council and in front, our leader, Travis Child
Sadly, this photo is missing William Valentin and Tim Daly
who regularly work on Travis' jobs. 

This mansion upstate was quite beautiful, yet much of it is dilapidated and 
there were some safety hazards that came up as we worked. I'm glad I'm in a union
that's all I can say.

Thursday night was the opening of a children's book illustration show with my good
friend, Yuko Katakawa and a few other CBIG members. 

I'm so happy for her! 
The opening had to be rescheduled because of snow last week and 
it was a nice mild night this Thursday, thus a good turnout :)
She has about 15 pieces in the show and sold 4!!

photo by Nina Edwards

(our lovely teacher from SVA's Continuing Education dept, where I met Yuko a few years ago)
Ruth Chan (also in the show) and Nina Edwards' cute & funny daughter.

I like that they asked each artist this.

photo by Kristine Lombardi

Here, just a small sampling of Yuko's work on view. 
The exhibit is at The Interchurch Center, near Columbia, and it's a large space with lots of light.
It's up until March 31st. Take a look if you're up that way.

Ruth and Barbara are also terrific illustrators and part of CBIG

I loved this piece by Violet Paek, she had a few water tower pieces on display.

Daniel Kirk listens intently as Kristine reads - photo by Melissa Iwai

Onto Kristine Lombardi's Big Event at Books of Wonder last Sunday.
Lovey Bunny made her debut March 3rd and Kristine was part of a panel reading. 
 This has been her dream for so many years. I felt terrible that I couldn't be there. 
I rarely have to work on Sundays, but I was working on a commercial that day.

Luckily, friends shared photos and I got to see video of her reading.
I knew she'd be great and she was! Kristine is super charming and funny.
I could not be happier that this is happening for her. 
She's a great friend and one of the hardest workers I know. 

Below, you can see where she'll be next.

I'm thrilled she'll be doing a signing at my local bookstore, 
Book Court on April 4th! I'll keep you updated.

:: Lovey at home ::

photo by Ajamu Kojo

Just giving a little more direction to performers, tying up loose ends...
It's almost there ;)

Have a swell weekend!
xo, A


Melissa said...

Such a great post!! You are so good. :) And so fun to see you guys this week! Yay Yuko and Kristine!

Allyn Howard said...

Melissa!! You're the BEST :) Thanks!! I know, I'm so happy for those guys! and of course, you continue to make great work. Yay CBIG


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