Monday, February 9, 2015

Sketches - scenes with animals - no surprise, I know

Hello there

I had a cold over the weekend :( but it kept me in to do a few more sketches for 
MATS Bootcamp class. Our "mini" assignment was to research and sketch 
scenes for plates. Apparently, our final piece will not be plate design.
This is basically, the warm-up, which is quite fun :)

I enjoy Lilla's approach, giving us specific parameters to work within, 
while encouraging a loose playful start.

I'm sticking, predominantly, with children's imagery.
Of course, Pinterest makes it easy to find anything you're drawn to drawing, so to speak!

These were fun to draw.

So far, I really like this guy.

I'm excited to learn what the actual assignment will be.
Wish me luck.

Have a good week!
xo, A


Melissa said...

Hey, don't apologize! your animals are so cute! My favorite is also the little piggy! :)

Allyn Howard said...

Awww thanks Melissa :)


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