Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Cheers 2015 - Come on in!


Here is a little party in Venice, Italy for you! 
I worked on this today and spent some time on a story about a dog gondolier 
(many of you know that character, Gustavo)
I must finish a new book dummy this month,
or Kristine Lombardi will be mad, sad & disappointed in me. 
I can't have that on my conscience in 2015 ;)

Thought I'd share some of the steps to the finished piece.
I often like the 2nd to last step most, bc of the loose quality and the charm that
sometimes gets lost by the time you do the finishing touches.
It's something to think about and it's understandable that many illustrators
work in layers in photoshop, keeping options open.

And, the initial sketch in charcoal.


I rarely have resolutions for the New Year. 

Today, I'd just like to express my gratitude -

Cheers to my good friends - who are there, in good times and bad.
It seems we've all had some ups & downs in 2014 
but having supportive, fun, interesting people in your life makes 
all the difference.

I'm happy to be part of a union that takes good care of us, 
and the neat people with whom I work who make even the most 
difficult of jobs, mostly commercials, enjoyable.

I feel lucky to live in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, 
a neighborhood I still love, after many years here. 
I'll be looking at other options in 2015 since everyone, 
understandably, loves this area $$ ;)

I know, change can be good.

I'm happy to have finally given CKO Boxing a try.
Rosa Martinez is to thank for that! 
So far, I love it and I had become very bored with other 
workout routines, thus doing less and less until recently.
Great teachers, fun music, fast pace and kicks your butt!

I'm glad to have met such neat people through continuing ed classes at SVA
and groups like CBIG and SCBWI (which, I need to rejoin!)
You know who you are - especially happy to have become friends
with Kristine L. (old news ;) Yuko Katakawa and Melissa Iwai

Finally, I'm incredibly grateful for my parents.
I'm their only child and I'm close to both of them.
We're far from being a perfect family, but I've always felt loved.
My mom and I have been blessed with a particularly remarkable relationship. 
 It's been a painful few years because of her
illness, a relentless depression that breaks my heart.
It's been difficult for my dad to take care of her and
it's mystifying to watch someone who once exuded such great 
spirit, fall so hard to an illness that completely alters who you are.

I guess I'm ending on a sad note, I didn't mean to, I promise.
I do sometimes see glimmers of hope and catch a glimpse 
of the "old mom", the "real person" in there.
I guess I consider how lucky I've been. 
I just feel great sadness now
because my mom was always the most wonderful, 
loving, generous and funny person, friend and mother. 

It's hard to imagine what the future will bring. I know we all have our struggles.
I truly hope that all of us experience more joy, love, meaningful exchanges
and goofy ones, too
Plus, many big bright spots to feel grateful for next year.

Have a lovely New Year!
Now, do your thing.
Really, do it. Now :)

xo, A


Melissa said...

Happy New Year, Allyn!!

So glad i got to know you and Kristine and Yuko also! :) I'm so sorry about your mom. Yes, hold on to those good memories. Thinking of you!

I'm apprehensive and a bit anxious about 2014 -- it's the unknown. But I will try to approach it with your infectious positive spirit! :)

Allyn Howard said...

Thanks Melissa. You have that positive spirit! I know you meant 2015, but funny slip ;) I always look forward to a clean new slate!! Here's hoping 2015 is something special ...

Margaret said...

Another great post, Allyn! I think about your amazing mother often and whenever I do, she is always smiling and spotting a celeb with her sixth sense!


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