Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hi October

It's October!

I painted If I Were A Toy store's door today to celebrate Halloween, of course!

That's right, it's a costume party.

Bat bird, cat-vamp, mummy bunny, ghost bun, pirate bun (lotta buns)
Devil dog, foxy bee, fortune teller, DJ, Harry Potter, witches, wizards, warlocks 
and more... drink potion, count candy and dance the night away.

I lost the key

I see black cats, jack-o-lanterns and lost treasure in your future !!

what is future?
I know it's just the beginning of the month and you will soon feel,
if you don't already,
overwhelmed by all the decorations, costumes, candy, 
window displays,
party favors and candy, did I say candy ...
You're welcome.
xo, A

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