Friday, June 8, 2012

Sketch, Dream and Drive

It's a beautiful day and Gustavo Gondolier is taking a little nap. Hope he doesn't tip!

These are rough sketches for my story about a young dog 
who dreams of becoming a gondolier in Venice and learning just what it takes!
Above, Gustavo in the arms of his mom taking his very 1st ride.

Sketch of his wave goodnight to Signor Caputo's gondola,
docked outside his window.

I'm happy to announce that Venice Animals and Subway Animals
were both accepted in 440 Gallery's upcoming show-
:: From Mice to Monsters: Illustrations for Children ::
:: Opening Thurs. June 28th, 2012 :: 6-9pm ::
440 Gallery : 440 6th Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11215

Hope to see you at the Opening! I'll send out a reminder :)

my promotional card

I attended my 1st Book Expo at the Javitz Center this week. 
It was bustling, which must be a good sign for publishing!
I stayed in the children's book section for the most part. Still, it was
a little overwhelming.

Fortunately, Monica Wellington, published author/illustrator, 
graciously met with several of us on Tuesday, opening day.
I'm currently in her wildly popular class at SVA,
Overall, it was a very good experience. I had a book signed by Marla Frazee
attended a seminar on new technology and the future of kids' books 
and took notes on some of the smaller publishing houses for which I was unaware.

As much as I like to talk, 
I'm pretty shy when it comes to introducing myself to people in the booths.
It's important to try, because there is always a chance you can talk with an editor or 
leave your card with an art director. I was able to attend the final day and I gathered 
some courage to talk to a few publishers, all of whom could not have been nicer. 
Admittedly, I handed out more cards when I walked the floor with Anna, from my class.
She showed Yuko (also from class) & me, how it's done. I would love to have her
chutzpah, because I believe it's true what they say, 
Fortune Favors the Bold!

Thank you Monica! and you, too Anna!
I look forward to learning more and more ...

Have a great weekend!
xo, A


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