Saturday, June 30, 2012

Brooklyn Art Exhibit for Children and Adults alike!

*Empire by Jeffrey Chuang

Thursday night, From Mice to Monsters Opened! 
Feels like I've written this title a million times, either promoting it here 
or on my Facebook page.
It was a bit of a thrill for me, because I have not shown work in a couple of years.
I'm also happy about my latest work, which is specifically geared toward
stories for children.
Here is a peek at the show...

Melissa Zexter studies my painting closely.
"Absolutely Fabulously Intriguing!" real quote, by real person!
Much of the work in the show is hung at a child's eye level.
Above my piece hangs one by Kristin deNeeve
She's one of the few artists I had a chance to meet, because 
the opening was quite full. I like her work and I just noticed on her site 
that she received her BFA from my Alma Mater, VCU :)

Subway Animals

Scott and Marzena marvel at Gustavo Gondolier and the Animals in Venice.
This gained some extra attention, hanging above the wine and snacks ;)

"Spyglass", hand cut paper, is by my friend, Joyce Leipertz.
It *Sold* !!!

Eye Doctor by Kristin deNeeve

Baby Penguins Everywhere by Melissa Guion

Phil Schneider, Laura Wise, Bryon Finn, Kristy Mitchell & young beauty

Fabulous ladies, Margaret Heidenry & Laura Wise

M. Zexter, captivated by Tim Main's story

The Watering Hole by Kelly Light

Jeffrey Chuang

Kiko by Michelle Farkough

A happy artist and art appreciators :)

Mesmerized onlookers

Tumpsy's Family by Mariko Suzuki

Mama's Watching by Susan Blanchard

The Great Bear and the Little Bear by Kristiana Parn

Here I am with two dashing young men

Mirabelle and Odille mug for the camera!

Big fan and collector, Michael Thibodeau

Confused man, stunned by the heat 
and high level of illustration created for children

Above, is my invitation for the show. I made this because 
I was unable to pick up the printed ones, myself, in time to promote.
My good friend, Melissa Stampley, kindly dropped off my
paintings for me because I had to work last weekend (a good thing :)

Here is the official postcard by wonderful illustrator, Boris Kulikov.
The original is in the show and is one of the illustrations he created 
for "Carnival of the Animals" by John Lithgow.

Stephen Geiger looks on as his wife,
Sarah points out mice under the subway seats. 
Where could the monsters be hiding?
Hope you've enjoyed my brief round up of the show.
There are many more cute fun quirky pieces on view and 
a series of artist talks/demos are scheduled on Sundays at 4:40 
July 15th and 22nd *Click here for info
Unfortunately, I'm not one of them :(
but, I may stop in to learn something myself :)
440 Gallery is 440 6th Ave nr 9th St in Park Slope, Brooklyn
                                     Subway: F & G to 7th Ave; R to 4th 

              Hours: Th & Fri 4-7 pm, Sat & Sun 11-7 pm. show closes July 22nd

Oh yeah, Peter Caine couldn't make it, but Alec showed up in his place.
Nice guy!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
xo, A


Melissa Guion said...

I'm sorry we didn't get to really talk at the opening, but maybe I'll see you on the 22nd!

your work looks great, all the best

Allyn Howard said...

Hi Melissa,
I know, but at least it was a great turn out. I really wanted to meet everyone and I will definitely try to make the artist talks.
I love your Penguins! great loose energetic style and soooo cute!
Thanks for commenting :)


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