Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Random Thursday Art Update

What would You do? is my book idea where kids follow two dogs, Ruben and Cooper, as they make decisions day to day. A variety of situations are set up for kids to view (with a dog's point of view) then choose from a selection of possibilities. Turn the page and find out what Ruben & Cooper did. Whether they encounter a UFO, spot a bank robber, or simply choose from their favorite ice cream flavors, count on surprises ahead :D

I asked fans on my Facebook page, Artwork by Allyn, to guess what they are looking at and enjoyed reading answers like "Me", an "Ice Cream truck", "New Puppies", "My Hat!" and "Floats in the Macy's Day Parade". Below, a couple of sketches where they find themselves having to wash a boat.

This is Proud Ma Hedgehog strolling her baby through NYC's Central Park. I took advantage of my facebook page again to ask people to vote on the best shoes for her. A friend suggested she needed some stylish low pumps for walking on the cobblestones. 

Red Boots were the overwhelming favorite!

Can't get enough of birds. I love 'em!

Think this unusual squirrel below may have been knocked on the head ;)

Bunnies need grooming, too. 

Sharing Lakeside Bunny again, Easter is only a month away! I enjoy working in charcoal and I'm trying to do some pieces in black & white and with limited or muted color palettes as an exercise.

Painting on unprimed wood seems to be gaining in popularity, so just thought I'd try it for myself :)

A friend in need is a friend indeed! 
Thanks for stopping by today! I'd love to hear your feedback, whether you have fun ideas for Ruben & Coop, have fashion tips for Ma H or simply want to share your faves or not so much comments ;D
More work @ ~ Happy almost weekend!! -A


patty said...

Super art Allyn! I love your style. Those dogs and that little hedgehog baby just tooooo cute!!!

Sara said...

Wonderful stuff! You are very talented :-)


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