Monday, March 14, 2011

My Year of Painting One Door

St. Patrick's Day is on the way and here is my latest door at If I Were A Toy to celebrate! This March marks one full year of painting the toy store's door each month. I decided to share them all with you here. After painting murals in the shop and adjoining kids' hair salon, Joanna came up with the idea to change the lower section each month to suit the season or holiday. They've become much easier to paint and a bit more complex since my first one last March 2010.

This month is Hip Hip Hooray We're Rich Irish Animals! 
It takes some time to feel natural painting on one side knowing it will be seen more often from the other. It always looks much smoother from the outside.

Above, painting the Valentine door, Skunk Luv Dance Party, my friend happened to walk by and take a couple photos. Kids often stop to watch and ask questions, which makes it more enjoyable for me. It's also fun to hear conversations in the shop, especially children explaining to parents or a nanny why they need a particular toy or activity/game :)

Holiday Paradise on Ice, this Christmas door was one of my favorites. I only recently started creating some distance and making the scenes more full. You may have noticed we skipped January, this was just too good for only one month ;D

Below, I like a lot, too. Thomasina blows outta Brooklyn. Gotta be tough for the poor turkeys when it dawns on them they won't be at the table, but on it!

The color looks warmer on the inside, below. Chase bank's bright sign on the street, often makes it's way into my photos.

At Halloween, I was still keeping them pretty simple.

September had to be a Back to School theme. This was the 1st time I tried to indicate space/background with some shelves, an easel and chalkboard.

I like the shot below because it leads into store with my Space Mouse painting :)

Celebrating Independence Day, Bear Family Enjoys Fireworks from their boat. I love these two blues together, think I could have gone more nuts with fireworks, but it's a sweet scene.

Below, was last year's Father's Day door. Dad rooster is impressed by the flying pig and his chicks are impressed by him! as is the other little piggie :)

Mother's Day door ~ these ducklings have a special gift and flowers for their mom!

Surprise! chickie pops out of fresh painted egg ~ Easter door :)

And finally, my first painted door ~ a Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow. It is very simple and a lone little mouse finds this big treasure.

I made a few sketches before I went to paint, but the one below is on a tiny piece of notebook paper and it holds a sentimental spot in my heart...

Happy Anniversary to Me! Happy Saint Patrick's Day to You!
Thanks for taking a look today :') -A


Margaret said...

That's one lucky door!

Allyn Howard said...

Thanks Madge! I'll share my gold with you :)

Laura said...

You are very talented! I used to paint the doors at our library but they never looked like this. Very fun.

Margot said...

what happy doors!

Allyn Howard said...

Thanks Margot & Laura, I appreciate it!!

Kelly said...

It is so great to see these all at once!!


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