Monday, April 21, 2014

My friend, Fox

and the sweet crow he swindled out of some cheese ....

This is my book cover art for The Fox and The Crow, an Aesop fable.
This was the 3rd assignment for MATS 3A class with Lilla Rogers
Read more about the course and see sketches in last week's post, if you'd like.

You can see by his collection, he gets around!
The title could look cuter if reworked, I think. I didn't leave as much time for that,
but I wanted something quirky to offset the traditional look of my painting style.

This poor girl was surprised and thrilled by Fox's flattery,
only to lose her tasty snack to him.

Don't worry, these guys are onto him.

 To Be Continued ...

thanks for taking a look!
xo, A

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