Thursday, August 8, 2013

Art (and Pinterest) Appreciation Month

Hey! It's Art Appreciation Month! Did ya hear that, Art?

Pierre Bonnard

Today, I present you with-
a rather random sampling of art 
that makes me happy to look at over and over again.
I love paintings, photography, design, cover art, packaging, travel posters, 
children's books, old & new, vintage ads, clever stuff, funny stuff, you name it...

Basically, all things that have helped make Pinterest the hit that it is!

Here are links to a few of my boards, just in case you're curious - 
great book covers and more...

Daphne Padden

Daphne Padden

Horst Lemke


Jim Flora

Margaret Tarrant

Alice and Martin Provensen

Isabel Arsenault

Current  illustrators ... more

Kate Lewis

The number of images on Pinterest continues to astound me.
There are soooo many talented artists and creative people 
working today and many that I have only recently learned about.
The seemingly endless number of natural wonders in the world 
can strike total awe.

Ok, this is a joke, but Edourdo Noriega is a natural wonder ;)

With stunning architecture to admire, objects to drool over,
and beautiful and/or cool interiors to envy, it's like a guide on- 

The plethora of adorable animal photos and movie star pics is almost 
beyond comprehension!

Just how many images of Audrey Hepburn & Marilyn Monroe 
are there out there? 

but I digress, please appreciate for yourself....


a classic

Tom Friedman

Lisl Weil

Helen Frankenthaler

Stuart Davis


love this

Georges Menager
I've had to limit my time on Pinterest and I promise I do not receive any kick backs 
from them. I am simply in awe. Sure, there's a lot of crap on there, too.
Women, stop dieting! just stop it.
I only regret that it will be impossible to travel to every destination 
I have pinned onto my Must Visit board!

But,  you never know...

Thanks for stopping by!
xo, A

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