Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hey You!

with love, your neighborhood pals. 

File this year under shameless self promotion.
Here is a selection of some of my favorite Valentines
by, you guessed it, me :)
It came to my attention that, again and again,
I paint one animal giving another candy and/or flowers.
I guess I like the idea of hesitation on the part of the giver
and the utter surprise expressed by the object of their affection.

for me?

little ole me?

me? grazie

what,  me? meow...

Sometimes the message is sweet & simple

and sometimes it's more ambiguous 

but, it's always meant with love :)

Sunny & Chanel have not been produced as a stationery set,
 but they remain cheery and hopeful!

Venice, I love you!

Friends, I love you!
Family, I love you!
Animals, I love you!

I hope that's always clear. 
May you all have a super fun Valentine's Day,
whether it's a romantic candle lit dinner
or a snack-filled extravaganza in front of the TV, 
Enjoy :D

xoxo, A

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