Thursday, December 6, 2012

Holiday Art, Books for Kids & a little Film about Fracking

I LOVE the Snowman in Court Street Grocers window!
It makes me smile each time I walk by it, which is often.

My friend, Margaret Heidenry, is in the Screen Writers Guild and fortunately
invited me to see the screening of Gus Van Sant's new movie "Promised Land
written by and starring Matt Damon and John Krasinsky. 
It's an excellent picture and the 1st I've seen to tackle the topic of 
FrackingPromised Land sheds light on both sides of the issue, 
while not letting big corporations, this one named "Global", off the hook.
Surprisingly, it's entertaining and gets the point across without being heavy handed.

Afterwards, there was a Q & A with Matt, John and Rosemarie DeWitt.
As expected, they were charming and very funny. I really could 
have stayed in my seat and listened all night.

The odd thing that Margaret and I, both, noticed was the number of people
on their cell phones, texting, checking messages, etc. I think the guy next to 
me was even checking Facebook during the movie?!
I might be less disgusted were it an opportunity to feel superior 
over the younger generation, but these were middle aged adults & older. 
Crazy. C'mon people.

Sunday, I met Kristine Lombardi at Books of Wonder to hear a stellar panel
discuss their latest books and share their thoughts about the publishing world.

December Picture Book Bonanza
James Howe - Otter and Odder: A Love Story
Corey Rosen Schwartz - The Three Ninja Pigs
Lane Smith - Abe Lincoln's Dream
Bryan Collier - I, Too, am America
Susan Hood - Spike, the Mixed-Up Monster
Melissa Sweet - *illustrator; Spike, the Mixed-Up Monster
Douglas Florian - Shiver Me Timbers!
UnBEElievables: Honey Bee Poems & Paintings
Michelle Knudsen - Big Mean Mike

James Howe, Corey Rosen Schwartz and Lane Smith 

           It's always fun to see writers and illustrators you admire in person. 
         Each one read a bit from their latest children's books.
                          It's interesting how ideas come about and develop into stories.
                         I love that Corey Rosen Schwartz has a son who told someone that 
                               "yes, he speaks a 2nd language, Karate." That sparked the idea for 
                                                              The Three Ninja Pigs.
                                  James Howe mentioned that Otter and Odder, first came about 
                                                 when his daughter was still a kid. She's now 24.

Lane Smith, Bryan Collier and Susan Hood
Bryan Collier's book, I, Too, Am America, is based on Langston Hughes' poem 
It's beautiful and he spoke, not only about this true story, 
but about the real people he uses as his models. These friends and neighbors
 end up serving a dual purpose. For instance, the young man on the cover, 
was thrilled when he went to school with a copy and learned that the girls 
thought he was cute!

Melissa Sweet, Douglas Florian and Michelle Knudson 
Susan Hood spoke about wanting Melissa Sweet, a favorite of mine and many,
to illustrate Spike, the Mixed Up Monster about an Axolotl 
(an endangered Mexican Salamander) 
Some are cuter than others and Melissa, obviously fashioned hers after 
a precious one!
I can't remember how long Susan said she had to wait, but 
Melissa is usually booked for up to three years at a time.
Can you imagine? She's truly living an illustrator's dream.
Not that she doesn't deserve it, but I couldn't help thinking that instead of
waiting, maybe the publisher could have taken a chance with a
lesser known artist, or an unknown even. 
All of these books look and sound great!
 I hope to have the chance (extra cash) to buy them all, as gifts
(for me ;)
Now, onto my humble artwork, patiently waiting for it's moment in the sun! 

These are a few of the Christmas cards I've added to my Etsy Shop
Now accepting payments by Credit Card, as well as, PayPal

Snow Deer and Chickadee in *square format on Etsy

 Twig and Top Dog, a mainstay for me 

*Below are Prints, Stationery & even a few iphone & ipod case designs
I recently added to my Society 6 shop for the holidays.

Snow deer 5 x 7 size

*Society 6 is offering FREE Shipping on all orders in
my shop through Sunday Dec. 9, 2012 Midnight Pacific Time*
Click Here to browse and buy that perfect holiday gift or card set :)

A Gifted Dog 
Here are some other recently added pieces

A Christmas Cat 

Lyle the Terrier

Dog in Space

Elephant draws

There is more to offer in my shop, please take a look!
Feel free to contact me about commissions or purchasing an original.

 If I Were a Toy store has decorated! 

My Carolers are happy & still singing.
and this Friday Night, December 7th at 6pm, is the Carroll Park Tree Lighting
Apparently, Santa and his elves will make an appearance. 
Shouldn't they be working?

Thanks for stopping by. Hope your holidays are off to a good start!


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