Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Halloween & an Art Competition

Taco Cat disguised as Vampire with Bat-Bird

The Annual Greenwich Village Halloween Parade has been postponed due to
damage from Hurricane Sandy. 
Despite trees falling on certain side streets, my immediate area in 
Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn was very fortunate. 
I only experienced a brief loss of power and some fears as the Gowanus Canal 
flooded parts of Smith Street behind me Monday night. 
It was a devastating storm for many in this area and my heart goes out to them. 
It will take a long time for certain subway stations and trains
to be repaired and parts of downtown Manhattan may be without 
electricity for another week.

*photo - Gothamist
This article in Gothamist outlines some of the major concerns for lower Manhattan.

Below, the Fairway in Red Hook with a message from Occupy Sandy Relief NYC

*This food cannot be brought into the kitchen at Red Hook Initiative due to their status as a 501c3. 
Please alert: "food not bombs" or make at home distribute DIY style* 
Fairway 480-509 Van Brunt street

                                             CBS News just reported that in Hoboken
                               half of the area is still flooded with sewage while live wires 
                                                               dangle in the water.
                        Of course, many areas in New Jersey have suffered great devastation.
                          Sadly, over 100 homes in Breezy Point, Queens were destroyed.
                     This just touches on the aftermath here in the North East, not to mention 
                 other parts of the world. The BBC reported that Haiti fears a food shortage 
                        due to extensive crop damage. How much more can they take?
I sure hope we start to discuss Climate Change in a more serious manner in the months and years to come.
Kids in NJ will not be Trick or Treating tonight, but they will have the chance to enjoy their costumes and candy next week!

                I made this drawing last year and reworked it a tiny bit to share for the holiday.

Animal Parade

Ironically, because of the shutdown of the subway system and lack of electricity on
job sites, I  was afforded time to finish "Rush Hour" from my Subway series. 
I just submitted these 3 images for the Society of Illustrators Show 2013.

I know it's a long shot, but I felt very excited after uploading them to Society of Illustrators 
The deadline for Illustrators 55 Exhibition is tomorrow, Nov. 1st 
:: You never know :: is a motto I live by.

Cheers from Leslie, Rosalita & moi! Halloween 2007

I think this is the last time I dressed up. We went to a party at
Le Petit Cafe. I was some kind of Cher/Cleopatra hybrid,
Zexter (Rosalita) was a witch and Leslie was a MTA
construction worker. She did work for MTA at the time.

Have a Fun and Safe Halloween!!
xo, A

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