Monday, September 24, 2012

Walking Papers and a Party

:: Just Got Our Walking Papers :: 
Birds, Owls and Foxes - Have they reached their Saturation Point?

If you haven't seen Lisa and Bryce Put a Bird on it 
in Portlandia, one of my personal faves, then you're really
missing something!

I made this sketch as a joke, of course, but it's interesting to see how long certain trends last.
People really really like birds.

That being said, I have new Art Prints on sale 
in my Society 6 shop, where you will see some birds and
maybe a fox or two, too :')
Here in Brooklyn, I recently revisited a wonderful shop
down in Red Hook called Brooklyn Collective.
Co-Founders, Rachel Goldberg and Tessa Williams just celebrated their 8th Anniversary. 
The talented array of artists and designers, involved in this cooperative effort,
share the cost of rent and retain 100% of their profits. 
You'll find everything from jewelry, ceramics, furniture,
furnishings, pillows, bags, clothing, including some very
sweet kids' clothing,
stationery, cards, make-up & more!

Above, Zexter, Leslie and Trish pose outside the store,
while musicians start the celebration Friday night.

Below, a small sampling of products for sale here...

Fun pillows by In the Seam
Find plenty of animals (& yes birds) plus taxi cab, candy corn, sewer cover, 
and ice cream truck pillows, available in their Etsy shop.

Jessica Allyn Design & Decor, great color!

Cool handmade ceramics by Jessie Lazar
each piece is one of a kind.

caught stealing, lost her hand ;)

I had to buy a set of postcards by Life with Tigers 

They also sell their cards, prints & dolls on Etsy

Frogs! Love this bag by Design and Labor

Hello Brooklyn!

This little bear with the Super-Fab eyebrows
is mine all mine! * I love her *
You'll find more like her at Bopkat Vintage, as well as clothing & accessories
from the 1950s & 60s
It's right around the corner from Brooklyn Collective, 
117 Union Street at Columbia.
Have a wonderful week ahead!
Thanks for stopping by,
xo, A

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