Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter to You!

Buckaroo Bunny wishes you and your family a lovely Easter! 

Thursday I painted this Springtime in Central Park scene for If I Were A Toy 
store in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.
This month's door depicts a baby fox and piglet discussing boats 
before setting them for sail, while animals picnic and play.

The weather was nice and lots of kids were out & about after school.

I'm accustomed to people stopping by to watch or ask questions, 
but this time I had some help from a few little local artists.

First, a girl named Lucy came by and played her Viola while 
I painted and then two adorable little girls asked if they could help paint. 
Victoria and Kali did a terrific job taking direction and had just the 
right touch on clouds, flowers, lily pads and some greenery. 

I painted this little fox last year and recently took another look at him. 
I decided he's pretty cute, so he inspired April's door this year.

Hope you find lots of hidden eggs and little presents from the Easter Bun.

* Happy Easter * Happy Spring *
xo, A

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