Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Animals at work & play Sketches

Space Mouse or Rocket Mouse, as I sometimes call him, has been
an idea for a kids' book for some time.

My current children's book class at SVA has me considering several ideas 
that have been waiting in the wings, so to speak. 

Animals who dance, DJ, race cars, ride a scooter, practice yoga, bake and 
try to fly are story lines I keep coming back to for some of my characters.

Going into Outer Space or having the ability to fly are fantasies of mine. 
Most of my stories revolve around something going awry 
and the lessons gleaned from that.

I've worked on "Floaty, the Hovering Dog" and "Fashion Bear"
in two previous classes. Have I taken these to publishers? no. Will I ever? maybe. 

I really like these two dogs, Ruben & Cooper.

Confronted with a series of situations and decisions to make,
 follow Ruben & Cooper from page to page to see where each possibility leads. 

This bear is deep in thought, he may be experiencing writer's block.

Thanks for taking a look at my sketches. You can see finished work on my site :)

Have a swell week! xo, A

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