Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Lena loves her cozy new bedroom, but she's not sure about this painting of mine. 

I had to move it in from the hallway. It's a favorite, but a bit snug in these surroundings. If anyone out there has some extra wall space ~ Big Beach Octy is one from my dimensional Blip Blop series. It's 6' x 9' / (3) 3' x 6' panels. In the open areas you can see the little gesturally drawn people out on their beach towels :)

The full title is Big Beach Octy Looms Large Over Tiny People Tanning. Just contact me if you'd like to make a studio visit, see more pics on my site

I wasn't able to cover the National Stationery Show 2011 last week, but I've been able to catch up with some of my favorite designers on Oh So Beautiful Paper Take a look to see Nole Garey's thorough overview (9 parts, so far) and beautiful detailed photographs :)
Happy midweek ~Allyn

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