Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

It was pretty exciting here in Carroll Gardens!  

Above, Snooki makes her way down Court Street ;)

Thought the Candy Exchange "Leave a Yucky, Take a Yummy" was a great idea!!

                                          This dog was dressed as a crab :)  
                         Below is Ewing, a super sweet dog with a very large head!!

                                                                      Well, Hello there :)

 Joanna and Virginia of  If I Were A Toy gave out candy and posed for cameras in front of their shop.

Odille celebrated her 5th birthday today at The Painted Pot on Smith Street. Kids can choose from a selection of ceramic animals, piggy banks & dishware paint. Pieces are then taken to the kiln and parents are contacted when it's time to pick them up :) It's a great place for a party!

Freddie celebrated his 6th birthday on Saturday! Above, disguised as The Unknown, think I see some giggling beneath his mask ;)

                                             The Unknown with his dad, Mike :D

Scotto Funeral Home... yikes! Below, Court Street Grocers has opened up one side and it's looking good so far :) See photos and read updates on their facebook page          

Lena stayed home... Zzzzzzzzzzzzz...
 Thanks for stopping by! Check back next week for my profile of Palo Cortado, Court Street's fab new Tapas Bar :D


sheiladaviscsw said...

Snooki, dogs, cake AND an astronaut! Now that's a good day :)

missy said...

wow - sheila is blogging- now that is amazing! :)


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