Tuesday, June 15, 2010

*Party Time* My NSS Finale!

All good things must come to an end and this post concludes my coverage of the National Stationery Show 2010. My intention had been to publish one, maybe two parts on the show, similar to the way I covered the Gift Show this year. My focus was on the smaller, more independent designers, but I happened to love a lot of the designs and companies exhibiting this year. It was a real treat talking to designers that I admire, to learn about their process and business practices. This finale includes stationery, party supply, gift items and wall decor.

One of my favorite stops was Party Partners! I had a great time talking with Timothy Siciliano, who shows off his new shirt from Daffy's here. Originally called Daffy Dan's Bargain Town, Daffy's is a popular discount store here in NYC. It takes a real man to pull off a polka dot patterned shirt and Timothy did so beautifully ;)

As you can see, Party Partners specializes in party favors, decorations, hats, candles, cupcake sleeves and toppers with a fun retro appeal. Located in Seattle, Washington they run a wholesale and retail site, offering their super cute and colorful party decorations and gifts. You name it, they just may have it! I would definitely wear one of these animal hats :D

Below is Tami Rasmussen of Tam Tam Design. This was only her 2nd time exhibiting at the National Stationery Show. Last year, her debut collection won both "Rising Star" and "Card of the Year" Louie Awards, basically the stationery trade's version of the "Oscars" ;)

Tami launched Tam Tam Design Studio in late 2007 as a creative outlet and to share her love of correspondence with others. It's difficult to see in the photos, but her cards are delicately embellished with glitter for that subtle touch of sparkle!

Her current line includes the NEW skinny cards (above), boxed note sets and her signature greeting cards (below). I love the notebook style with sweet ribbon enclosure :)

As I mentioned in my post on Letterpress, she and Kelly Maron of Paper Stories Letterpress invited 12 terrific paper companies to participate in a calendar treasure hunt. Buyers were encouraged to collect a month from each participating booth. The calendar runs from the end of this show to the beginning of the next in 2011 and includes designs by Night Owl Paper Goods, Sycamore Street Press, Two Trick Pony, Paper Stories, L2 Design Collective, EcoJot, Pie Bird Press, Kamal, Bird Dog Press, Paper Loop and Susy Jack.

*This image above from Bird Dog Press

Papaya! is a favorite of mine :D For several years I've purchased their cards for the beautiful colors and sweet imagery, like little bunnies and birds. At this show, I had a chance to see the wide array of designs and products they create. The saturated colors drew me to their fabulous looking booth and I didn't realize until now just how much they have to offer!

I would have loved to have met the mother and daughter team behind this creative force, but Elijah Katkin, Director of Business Development, was a friendly substitute ;) Founded by Gina and Anahata Katkin Papaya! was started in 2003 with a mere 20 blank greeting card designs.
"Knowing they wanted to share a visual perspective of global culture, brave imagery and powerful color, Papaya! was born." Many of the original designs were from Anahata's art journals and adapted for print.

Now a thriving company, in addition to cards, they sell lines of wrapping paper, tote bags, necklaces, water bottles, calendars, address books, journals, wall decor and more!! Visit their blog and see the newest collections :)

Impossible for me to walk by a booth this vibrant with images of robots, plus a designer hiding behind his products ;)

Coelacanth Gifts and Accessories (pronounced "see-la-kanth") also known as Robot, specializes in fun, funky designs that combine a contemporary aesthetic with a nod to the nostalgic.

This is Moon Yee Yee, the Marketing Director, above. She was lovely to speak with and I learned that they sell three series, Robot & Rocket, Art Museum and Pirate Robot, now that's a category! These lines include recyclable bags, melamine tableware, pencil cases, stainless steel water bottles, luggage tags and so much more...

Shinzi Katoh is not only a very famous Japanese artist, but a much admired and influential Zakka designer. The aesthetic and design style grew out of Japan and focuses on household items that enhance an environment.
Shinzi describes Zakka as "the things that make people happy and exist like a comfortable air. That is what we keep in our heart when we create new design." His career took off in the '70s and he continues to design a wide array of household items, as well as T-Shirts, tote bags, bento boxes, stationery and more, plus he's had over 20 children's books published over the years!

Greeting Life America was exhibiting some of his new products here. They also sell other lines of Japanese greeting cards.

In the summer of 2006, Carrie Siegel, below, and Laurie Mee launched Two Trick Pony, after agreeing that one trick just did not sound impressive enough ;) Their line of cards are screen-printed using water-based inks on 100% recycled materials. Their images are sharp and crisp!! Visit their blog to see some of the process take shape.

I think they merge retro style with clean design perfectly. Their cards and invitations are all very appealing! You can browse their line of invitations at Big Cartel and purchase stationery from their Etsy Shop Two Trick Pony offers digital printing for their line of invitations as an alternative to silkscreening, for those of us who need to save on costs.

Their blog, The Pony Express also includes a nice round up of the Stationery Show. Fun to see who they liked this year :)

Love this Home collection!

Below, my studio with the sample peel & stick chalkboard from Wallies a division of the McCall Pattern Company.

Specializing in peel & stick decor, Wallies' product lines include murals, big & small, growth charts, dry erase boards, chalkboards, vinyl decals, cut-outs, etc. Best to visit their website for the impressive range :D

Of course, I paint custom murals, which you can't beat for creating a completely unique space for your child. However, these products are quite cute, engaging for kids and cost less than a custom commission. I see the appeal :)

Above is Julie Campbell, who was very nice and happened to be wearing the perfect coat, complimenting the sweet woodland growth chart behind her.

Below, the set as it comes in the package.

Wallies sells many styles and not only for children's rooms. I simply like those best!

RoomMates, a division of York Wallcoverings, is another company specializing in peel & stick decor. They, too create very cute designs for children's rooms and more!

*Now through Friday, June 25th *Receive a 15% discount on their delightful decor by simply typing "BLIPADEE" in the coupon code box located in the shopping cart section* Click here to browse the collection :D A great deal!!!

You have some freedom in how you decide to hang pieces and the great thing is that it's all removable, repositionable & reusable, mistake-free DIY!

Below, is Elie Bashoura of Nouvelles Images, one of my very favorite companies for postcards and wall decor. He informed me that they were the 1st to create wall decals or Home Stickers as their line is called. They have a fantastic selection from cute fun styles for kids' rooms to modern cool designs for adults :)

Stacks of books! That's pretty great, if you don't already have too many stacks of real ones around like I do ;)

Vespa! Who wouldn't love this in their clean cool & inspired design office?

"Why should a work of art only be visible inside a museum or gallery?" Club de Nouvelles Images was founded in 1957 by Jacques and Nicole Blanc in Paris for subscribers interested in art, cards, objects, books, etc.

The founders asked artists of the time for permission to publish their work as postcards. Gradually they began selling their production in bookshops. In 1963, Nouvelles Images was established in Lombreuil, a village in the Loiret, and was dedicated to producing 20th Century art cards. The club had therefore turned into a small publishing company. Click here to read more about their history.

I've had this postcard of Matisse with birds on my wall for many many years :)

They currently publish reproductions of paintings, drawings, illustration, black & white and color photography as home stickers, postcards, greeting cards, prints & posters, canvas prints and calendars. I love so many, it was hard to choose what to share here :)
Finally, it's time for a nice glass of wine...

Mother and daughter team, Val and Sara Rossi exhibited their line of Drink Me Gift Tags for wine bottles at this year's show for the 1st time. Attached to a loop of ribbon, each card slides easily over the top. Choose from charming, clever, funny or elegant designs.

I've already used my sample card as a gift. It's especially perfect for those rare times when you're running late ;)

Thanks for coming by to celebrate my final post on this year's Stationery Show! I hope you've enjoyed it and even found a few new companies you'd like to purchase from and follow :)

xo, Allyn


jane said...

I loved all your posts on the show, every part was different! You made it look so fun!! I didn"t know there were soooo many great card companies either :-)

Anne said...

Allyn, you know you come from a long
line of card lovers. Thanks for
the stationery postings. I had no
idea how many creative companies
were out there, and I will look
for them at "Mongrels" in Richmond.

In your 4th posting I especially
loved "Papaya!"...


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