Sunday, April 11, 2010

Park Slope Nursery Mural

Last week I had the pleasure of painting a custom nursery mural in Park Slope, Brooklyn. It was a beautiful week here and I love this area of Brooklyn :)

Park Slope is located by magnificent Prospect Park built by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux who also designed Central Park in Manhattan. Not only is it a historic neighborhood filled with wonderful brownstones, but it is within walking distance of my apartment in Carroll Gardens. Well, close enough in Springtime ;)

I bring my kit and paint supplies the 1st day of a project, so it's fortunate that I live across from a car service :) I took the F train to 7th Ave. one day and walked the other two. It's fun to stroll through Brooklyn's industrial areas and then suddenly hit charming tree lined streets like these.

Sweet Melissa is a delicious patisserie! I've only been to the one in my neighborhood and I can highly recommend their homemade ice cream, especially the strawberry :D

Okay, here it is...

The nicest couple, expecting their baby this summer, contacted me a few weeks ago. They had google searched nursery murals Brooklyn and found me!! I'm always excited to be found this way, since the internet is the most efficient (least expensive) way to be noticed, besides word of mouth.

They wanted a non-threatening jungle themed nursery. She spotted a monkey tree I painted a couple years ago on my website, which I duplicated here. Needless to say, non-threatening is my specialty ;)

This monkey swings above the crib looking down over it. He's pretty sweet!

Hoot daydreams staring out of the nursery window.

I begin by diluting the paint and sketching in all of the imagery. Then, I simply begin to work my way around the room. Below, it's a little hard to tell, but this is the top of the tree.

Across from the crib wall is the changing table and they chose to bookend it with a giraffe and lion :) I sometimes paint full scenes, but I like the graphic quality of select animals on these bright & cheery yellow walls...

mousey :)


They had the nice idea to do some loose painterly leaves/vines above the crib as a sort of canopy. Both are monkey fans, so perfect place for another one here :()

Always a little sad to leave... I was particularly happy with the rhino, they just don't get enough attention!

Enjoyed having my lunch on the back patio each day. Went to Snice for take-out, a very good vegan cafe on the corner. They make a fabulous bueno burrito and milkless "milkshakes"!!

The delicate pale pink blossoms on this tree were so beautiful! Think I took a picture every time I walked by it ;)

My walk home was less beauteous, since it becomes fairly industrial at 4th Ave. heading down toward Smith Street. Still, the light made for some lovely photos I thought...

Always liked this old Magic Touch restaurant sign on Hoyt Street and Happy Cleaners could not be any cuter in my opinion!

This construction is at 2nd Place where the subway entrance once was. I have no idea what is being built here. If you know, I'm curious, just not enough so to research it myself right now ;)

This lot on Smith Street is apparently extremely toxic and building begins soon! Not looking forward to the digging, since it's behind my building only a block or so away :(

This is where the F train comes up above ground from the Carroll station to Smith & 9th Street station. Great view of the city at this stop :)

This newly renovated building is next to me on Huntington Street. I often fantasize that the top floor is my studio. Think of all the light!! I'd even take the whole place ;)

Will always be a dreamer like little rhino here ;D

Hope you've enjoyed seeing my latest project and virtually walking me home.
xo, Allyn

ps New York Magazine just named Park Slope The Best Place to Live in NYC. Lovely Carroll Gardens is at #7, in part bc so many properties are family-owned, so rarely on rental market. Interesting article and category breakdown :)


Margaret said...

Allyn! I think this has to be one of my favorite posts. LOVED the mural, what a lucky baby. Agree with you about rhinos... that one is especially cute. And the walk to and fro brought back some great memories. Always loved Magic Touch sign too... xx M

Allyn said...

Thanks Margaret!! was hoping this one would help sway you to return ;D Can u believe that Magic T sign is still up?

katie said...

Darling animals!! Your painterly style is very pleasing, too!

Kristine said...

ADORABLE work! Allyn, I just love this post! Thanks for sharing.

The mural is soooo cute. Love the rhino!


Melissa said...


Like the birdie above the light switch;)

jane said...

This is one of my favorites Ally!! What sweet little faces! Will be a happy baby i know :-)

Margot said...

what a great tour! And the mural? DUDE! So freakin' cute!


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