Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thanks :)

Thank You to everyone who came down to my Opening at Fat Cat last week!! I really appreciate the support!

The show will be up through the end of November due to the popular cries of fans. Ok I'm exaggerating, but it will be up for the next two months :) Please stop in, if you get a chance.

Above is lovely Miki, co-owner and soon-to-be mom, in front of one of "Face"series. She and Daniel own and run this wonderful Carroll Gardens wine shop that helps support smaller vineyards, while offering a varied selection of wines with a great price range!
They also support local artists like myself by exhibiting work here. I had no idea they had the space they did in back until I saw it. Miki seemed amused as I kept coming back with more and more pieces from my studio (conveniently located right across the street ;) I've always enjoyed setting up work in an installational manner and letting paintings play off of each other.

Above, some of my favorite ladies-- Martha, Holly & Jess :D

This is adorable Georgia and her sister Violet, who opted to check out the snacks rather than pose for a photo. These two are the daughters of my friends, Graham & Emily, super adorable themselves. Some other friends & neighbors brought their kids to the show, fitting for my work! I wish I had taken more pics that night.

Jane allowed me to photograph her in deep contemplation ;D

I enjoyed hanging the flat, illustrative pieces and the bloppy abstractions together :)

I was lucky that a past artist had left up her graphic tree mural, it was a fun backdrop for Big Beach Octy Looms Large Over Tiny People Tanning (favorite title ever). These 3 panels are intended to hang flush against one another, but the jutting of the wall dictated how it's shown here. I ended up liking the space between them.

Thanks for taking a look at my post. It can sometimes feel odd promoting yourself, but I am very pleased to be able to show this amount of artwork in one spot & in such a nice shop.

It's been a long time since I have exhibited original paintings. It's especially nice to have some of the Blip Blop series seen by more than just my close circle of friends!

xo, Allyn


Allyn said...
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Allyn said...

Oops-- looks little suspicious that i deleted a comment. Nothing offensive or exciting, i wish! Ma H (a consistent & much appreciated commenter) signed in as me by mistake and it sounded too moronic and vain to leave up ;) C'est la Vie!

janelorenzo84 said...

hi ally, sorry i missed your opening. I stopped by last night and your work looks even better in person!! think my son wants one of those shiny goopy ones, i'll email u about it. hope you sell lots!!!


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