Saturday, August 8, 2009

Giggles and Green

This is Giggles and Green, the super cute, super friendly neighborhood shop specializing in all things kids! It's perfectly situated across from Carroll Park in Brooklyn, NY.

Joanna Kayata is the owner and she is committed to being Green 95% of her products are organic. Most of the clothing is made in the USA and imported items are produced through fair trade practices. Giggles and Green celebrated their 1 year anniversary this July '09 :) I will add a link to their site once it is up and running.

In the summer months they sell refreshing ices in their courtyard, which kids and adults enjoy! However, on this particular day, it awaits maintenance :( A few people came in to ask about it while I was here. *This fall/winter they will sell hot dogs, pretzels, soups & hot cider, too!

Here is Joanna (right) with Virginia (left) who is credited with keeping the store so very neat & organized. Below, is the wall behind the register where they've just started posting kids' artwork and photos of babies & kids in their clothing. Couldn't resist including my dog pic here ;D

Giggles and Green
carries a large selection of educational toys and children's products by Melissa and Doug Started in 1988, they've been leaders in creating a wide array of toys and activities for the kids' market.

Clothing here is all made from natural fibers using only organic dyes, with the exception of raincoats ;)

Still plenty of beach time in August!

Smart is good and Brain Quest sees learning as a fun adventure! Their Question/Answer decks and Workbooks are sold here.

Above are some adorable games by Eeboo one of my very favorite companies! I dream of licensing artwork to them :) I highly recommend Bingo! in French or Spanish. Love these little diaries & stationery sets, too.

Below is G&G's small, but well organized playroom where they offer art classes 3 days a week. The summer sessions have just finished, but will start up again in September on Saturdays. For now, it's a great spot for kids to draw, paint or play while you do some shopping!

Starry Night --kids paying homage to Van Gogh here!

Above, the g diaper starter kit. These are breathable, plastic-free and biodegradable! This is a great company, check out their website if you haven't already.

All in the family--below is the chiropractic office of her brother & sister-in-law. Once part of Giggles and Green before it sold retail. They decided to leave up the vibrant murals by Joanna's friend, Julio Candelario. I've included the one in their bathroom below.

Giggles and Green is located at 369 Court Street across from Carroll Park right by the F & G lines. They also sell products by Manhattan Toy, Green to Grow BPA-free baby bottles, Isa Booties and many more top notch companies :)

Telephone: 718.222.2444 / Hours: M 10a-6p, T-F 10a-7p and Sat/Sun 11a-6p

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